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Treating A Bruised Eye

What Is A Bruised Eye? A contusion in the tissues surrounding the eye(s). Results caused from an injury to the head or face. Causes inflammation and gloomy coloration of the eye, commonly known as a “black eye”. Generally a small problem. Occasionally it can signify a severe injury. One or both eyes can be affected. Causes Of A Bruised Eye Brutal ... Read More »

Torn labrum

Labrum is a type of cartilage that is found in the low glenoid cavity of the shoulder joint such as the joint of the hip which is a ball and socket joint. It is situated in an area where the arm connects itself to the body. It is a structure that appears similar to a cup found within the socket ... Read More »

Scratched roof of the mouth

The roof of the mouth or also known as the upper palate is a sensitive area in the oral cavity. When there is a minor scratch or an ulcer on it, agonizing pain can occur that causes discomfort to the individual.   There are two areas on the roof of the mouth. The front portion is hard which is made ... Read More »

Mosquito bites

Bites of mosquitos are described as itchy bumps that occur after mosquitos utilizes their mouthparts in puncturing the skin and feed on the blood. Most bites are harmless, but sometimes it can cause swelling, soreness and redness on a large area of skin. This reaction is most likely to occur among children and is also called as Skeeter syndrome. Skeeter ... Read More »

Pain in the back of the ankle and heel when walking

Pain that can be felt at the back of the ankle and heel during walking briskly or in an easy pace is caused by tightness of the muscle, tendinitis or ankle impingement syndrome. The pain is described as achy, sharp or stabbing and accompanied by stiffness and swelling of the joints. The pain is usually unilateral, but sometimes can affect ... Read More »

Heat exhaustion

Exposure to too much heat and humidity can cause serious health complications especially during days of scorching heat in the summer season. An individual has to stay cool and well hydrated during this period in order to prevent conditions which include heat cramps, heat exhaustion as well as heat stroke which have been considered as the most severe of the ... Read More »

Search For The Signs Of A Heart Attack

Overview Of A Heart Attack A heart attack is a decrease of, or injury to, a section of the heart muscle due to the stoppage of blood flow to the muscle. The majority of heart attacks are caused by a coronary heart disease. If a blood clot completely impedes the artery, the heart muscle starts to become starved of oxygen. After a while, the ... Read More »

Cellulitis in the lower leg

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that affects the skin, usually the lower legs but can also develops in other parts of the body such as the face. Both children and the elderly are prone to this condition. It is a diffusive infection that affects the connective tissue. It is not a serious condition but if there is an underlying condition, ... Read More »

Triceps tendonitis

The triceps is a big muscle located on the posterior side of the upper limb. Its main function is for the extension or straightening of the joint of the elbow or the arm. The triceps tendon is connected to the posterior side of the elbow. Triceps tendonitis causes pain in the back of the elbow and symptoms occur when the ... Read More »

Facial sebaceous cysts

Cysts found on the face usually start with a small bumps that causes pain deep in the skin and the area on the face may feel sore. A facial cyst or dermoid cysts is a sac-like growth that develops within or on the surface of the skin and happens when skin structures are trapped during the fetal stages of development. ... Read More »

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