Scratched roof of the mouth

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The roof of the mouth or also known as the upper palate is a sensitive area in the oral cavity. When there is a minor scratch or an ulcer on it, agonizing pain can occur that causes discomfort to the individual.


There are two areas on the roof of the mouth. The front portion is hard which is made up of bones called hard palate and the back side is the soft which is made up of tissues known as the soft palate. A scratch or a lesion on the hard palate is not painful and sore unlike on the soft palate, because it is more sensitive. Soreness felt on the upper palate causes a burning sensation and a certain degree of discomfort while eating and drinking. The discomfort becomes severe if the individual consumes spicy and hot foods or when waking up in the morning.

Scratched roof of the mouth
Drink cold water since it helps in soothing the mouth and also minimizes the burning pain. In some cases, cold milk can help soothe the scratches.

Causes of scratches on the roof of the mouth

The roof of the mouth is prone to damage caused by different substances of food that are being eaten by the individual. A raw and sore feeling that can be felt in the upper palate can be caused by the following:

  • The roof of the mouth is scald and hurts after gulping down hot coffee or tea since the upper palate is sensitive and easily damaged after drinking or eating anything that is hot and it is prone to develop ulcers and scar formation.
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking can also damage the upper palate.
  • Eating foods that have piercing edges can cause scratches on the upper palate such as brittle tortillas and nachos.
  • Canker sores that develop on the upper palate can also trigger pain, especially when spicy or hot foods are eaten.
  • Some dental deformities add pressure on the upper palate and cause damage to the tissues especially if it occurs in the upper palate at the back of the front teeth.

Treatment and home remedies of scratched roof of the mouth

Scratches and sores in the roof in the mouth heals in 10 to 14 days and sometimes even earlier without requiring any form of treatment. On the other hand, the individual experiences severe discomfort while eating or drinking during this period.

  • Avoid eating spicy foods. The individual should eat bland foods that are easy to swallow and does not cause pain or discomfort.
  • Avoid eating foods that have sharp edges during this period. Try to eat foods that do not cause pain on the damaged part of the soft palate.
  • Avoid eating hot pizzas since it can burn the already scarred soft or hard palate.
  • Gargle using salt water. At the start, it may sting and burn but salt water has antibacterial healing properties that can help in preventing the development of infection.
  • Drink cold water since it helps in soothing the mouth and also minimizes the burning pain. In some cases, cold milk can help soothe the scratches.
  • Take vitamin B complex supplements since these can help with the healing process.

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