First Aid Care for Heat Emergencies

Heat stroke remedies

Heat stroke

Heat stroke is form of hyperthermia which is an abnormal rising of the temperature of the body with physical symptoms and changes in the function of the nervous system. A severe hyperthermia has a body temperature of 104 F or 40 C or higher. Generally, it is caused by severe heat, high humidity and performing vigorous exercises under the sun ... Read More »

Heat stroke

Heat stroke is a condition that happens once the body temperature rises up to 104 degrees F or higher. In most cases, an individual initially starts as heat cramps or even heat exhaustion but progresses to heat stroke which is a severe condition if not properly treated. The organs of the body start to swell due to heat stroke and ... Read More »

Babies with heat rash

Heat rash is a condition where there are small, red bumps that develop on the baby or child when they become overheated caused by hot weather conditions or wearing warm fitting clothing. This condition usually happens in the summer months where the temperatures are humid and hot, but can also develop during the winter months. Heat rash can also be ... Read More »

Heat exhaustion

Exposure to too much heat and humidity can cause serious health complications especially during days of scorching heat in the summer season. An individual has to stay cool and well hydrated during this period in order to prevent conditions which include heat cramps, heat exhaustion as well as heat stroke which have been considered as the most severe of the ... Read More »

Cold sweats while sleeping

Sweating is a normal physiological occurrence that helps keep the body cool. Whenever the body is exposed to a warm environment, the sweat glands in our body becomes active and produces sweats which aims to cool down the temperature of the body. Once the temperature of body becomes normal, the body will stop perspiring. People sweat more in the daytime ... Read More »

How to Respond to Heat Emergencies


Heat emergencies are situations that occur when a person is exposed to the heat and the sun in extreme levels. When someone has exercised too much on a hot weather or trapped in a place with a high level of temperature, the risk to a heat stroke is high. Individuals who are overweight, alcohol drinkers, the elderly and children are ... Read More »

Providing first aid care for heatstroke

heatstroke-first aid

As one of the heat-related problems, heatstroke is considered the most severe after heat cramps and heat exhaustion. Always remember that heatstroke often occurs due to exercise or strenuous work in warm environments along with inadequate intake of fluid. The elderly, young children, obese and individuals with impaired ability to sweat are at high risk for heatstroke. Other risk factors ... Read More »

First Aid Care for Heat Emergencies

Heat emergencies Intense and prolonged exposure to high temperatures, overexertion, and fatigue in a hot humid environment can ultimately lead to heat-related emergency conditions such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heatstroke. People who suffer from heat related conditions when given proper and prompt care have a high chance of survival and recovery. A fast but comprehensive assessment is very ... Read More »

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