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Nate Carver is a registered physical therapist working as a part-time freelance web content writer for different health-related websites. With his passion in sharing information to others through his/her writing, Nate is updated with the latest in the field of first aid by enrolling yearly in different courses. As a healthcare professional and writer, he eagerly shares vital information to others to serve as a good source of knowledge. The articles can provide readers an insight on what to do whether basic care or during emergency scenarios.

Shoulder bursitis

Shoulder bursitis

Shoulder bursitis is a painful inflammation in the shoulder joint. Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursae which is a small sac filled with fluids near the joints. They cushion the moving parts of the joint. It also prevents bones, muscles and tendon from rubbing together. When the bursa becomes irritated, it result to inflammation, …

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Treating psoriasis

Treating psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic condition of the skin due to an overactive immune system. Generally, it is characterized by inflammation, flaking and development of white, thick, silvery and red patches on the skin. The flakes of skin scales are caused by the fast and excessive production of skin cells. Furthermore, the production of skin cells …

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Dealing with alcohol intoxication

Alcohol intoxication is a dangerous physical condition due to drinking excessive alcohol, also called ethanol poisoning or drunkenness. It is a physiological condition that causes psychological changes in behavior, perception, level of consciousness and responses. Symptoms of alcohol intoxication Flushed skin Euphoria Nausea and vomiting Blacking out or seizures The pupils becomes enlarged Breath that …

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