Facial sebaceous cysts

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Cysts found on the face usually start with a small bumps that causes pain deep in the skin and the area on the face may feel sore. A facial cyst or dermoid cysts is a sac-like growth that develops within or on the surface of the skin and happens when skin structures are trapped during the fetal stages of development.

Causes of facial sebaceous cysts

  • Sebaceous cysts can be caused by excessive sebum or grease that is accumulating in the pores of the skin.
  • Hormonal changes can cause the cysts to spread.
  • Exposure to too much stress can change the homeostasis and balance of the person and will result to growths of the unwanted bumps.

Symptoms of facial sebaceous cysts

Facial sebaceous cyst
Apply a warm compress over the affected area using a cloth and let the heat relax the area as well as helps in lessening pain and tenderness.
  • Presence of tiny blackheads that plugs the central opening of the cyst
  • A small round bump visible under the skin, usually on the trunk, neck and the face.
  • A thick and yellow material that is foul-smelling that sometimes drains out from the cysts.
  • If the affected area is infected or inflamed, there is redness, swelling and tenderness in the area.

Treatment and home remedies for facial sebaceous cysts

  • Avoid squeezing the cysts since it can cause severe complications.
  • Apply a warm compress over the affected area using a cloth and let the heat relax the area as well as helps in lessening pain and tenderness.
  • Maintain proper hygiene by washing the affected area regularly using antibacterial soap and water. This will help remove excess oil and eliminate any bacteria that can cause the development of acne. Wash the face at least twice a day and if the skin begins to dry up, wash the face only once a day.
  • Avoid allowing dust and dirt to accumulate in the area around the cysts in order to avoid growth of bacteria and infection.
  • Tea tree oil possesses natural antibacterial properties that can be applied to the acne cysts at least once or twice every day.
  • The individual should drink plenty of fluids or water and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. This helps the body eliminate toxins and if left in the body, it can cause acne and other health conditions. Drink water at least 64 ounces on a daily basis.
  • Choose makeup such as foundations and concealer that are non-comedogenic which does not block the skin pores. Clean and replace applicators on a regular basis.

Other natural remedies for facial sebaceous cysts

  • Use garlic which possesses healing and antibacterial properties for the skin. Slice fresh garlic and rub it over the facial sebaceous cysts at least two to six times on a daily basis.
  • Mix baking soda and sea salt and a small amount of water to create a paste. Apply to the facial cysts using clean fingers and leave it on the face for at least one hour and wash it off. Use this treatment once or twice every day.
  • Create a mask by mixing aspirin and honey. Crush four to five aspirin tablets and combine it with 4-5 drops of water and then mix in 1 tablespoon of honey and apply it over the cysts. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes at a time.

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