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Sinus infection

Sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the tissues that lines the sinuses. Usually, the sinuses are filled with air, but when it becomes blocked and there is fluid and the presence of bacteria, fungi and viruses will cause an infection. Conditions that causes blockage of the sinuses include allergic rhinitis which involves the swelling of the nasal lining, common ... Read More »

Bloated stomach and abdomen gas

Indigestion or dyspepsia is a condition caused by an issue in the secretion of the digestive juices in the stomach. In most circumstances, indigestion happens after eating spicy or fatty food or even overeating. It can become severe if the individual has gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), being stressed out or anxious, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, stomach infection, obesity, thyroid disease, ... Read More »

Nettle sting rash

Nettle is a broad leafted plant that cause a hive-like rash and burning sensation after being touched. The rash can be caused by the presence of hair found on the leaves or the nettle plant. When an individual touches the plant, these small hairs will break off on the skin and release formic acid to the skin. It will also ... Read More »

Motion sickness

Motion sickness is a disorder that affects individuals who are traveling by land, water and air. The inner part of the ear sends mixed signals to the brain that will cause increased sensory confusion. The affected person experiences vomiting, dizziness and nausea. Motion sickness is difficult to treat when there are symptoms of nausea. Motion sickness can be uncomfortable but ... Read More »

Ear pain from sinus infection

Sinus infection is called as acute sinusitis which occurs when the nasal cavities are swollen and inflamed and pain in the ear is caused by buildup of pressure. Sinusitis can be caused by common cold and allergies and but it can be caused by some underlying conditions. Sinus infection can be caused by irritants found in the environment, bacteria and ... Read More »

Peeling fingertips

Skin peeling around the fingertips is a common condition where the skin found around the fingers is sensitive and gentle if not managed properly and causes plenty of discomfort and can be a cause of embarrassment. Peeling fingertips can be caused by sunburn, eczema, dry skin, frequent washing of hands, using harsh chemicals and allergies. This condition can also be ... Read More »


Hypersomnia is a condition that is characterized by excessive episodes of daytime sleepiness or a longer time of sleep during night. Hypersomnia can be caused by medications, sleeping disorders, medical and psychiatric illness. Symptoms of hypersomnia Frequently having naps during the day, sometimes at inappropriate times such as at work, in a conversation and during a meal. These daytime naps ... Read More »

Sore swelling gums

Sore swelling gums are caused by poor oral hygiene that leads to dental condition. Swelling gums is a symptom of some underlying diseases that needs to be treated. Unhealthy gums can bleed and will release pus caused by certain infections. In most cases, it is usually bacterial in nature. Causes of sore swelling gums Gingivitis Oral and gum infections Poor ... Read More »

Poison sumac allergy

India is scheduled to tour Australia to play three T20Is, four Test matches followed by three one-day internationals. Virat Kohli and co. are going to kick-start their campaign with three-match T20I series that is slated to begin from 21st November at The Gabba. The other two games will be played at Melbourne and Sydney. The visitors will certainly hold an ... Read More »

How To Treat A Wound Properly

Home Treatment Slight puncture wounds can be treated successfully in the comfort of your home. If you do not have an increased possibility of infection, you don’t other wounds, and you do not need a tetanus injection or treatment by a GP, you can manage and care for a puncture wound by yourself. Home treatment can stop infection and encourage ... Read More »

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