Harmful effects of tobacco in the human body

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Using tobacco is dangerous to the health of the user. It can also cause health problems to other people through second-hand smoke. Tobacco contains tar and nicotine and both are harmful to the health.

Tar and nicotine are addictive substances. A user of tobacco develops tolerance over time and needs larger amounts of tobacco everyday only to achieve the same effects on their bodies. A person who tries to get rid of tobacco will have a feeling of stress and irritation. A user who just quit using tobacco is likely to suffer from impaired cognitive function; he/she can experience nausea, depression and have increased hunger. By enrolling in a first aid course, you will learn how to handle these withdrawal symptoms.

Smoke from tobacco causes aging of the skin, and those who smoke or chew the tobacco can develop stained teeth and bad breath. Women who smoke can develop osteoporosis and experience early menopausal. Smoking tobacco can cause respiratory diseases like pneumonia and influenza.

Smoke from tobacco has two harmful substances like carbon monoxide and cyanide. A long-term use of tobacco can cause lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and can cause even death. Eating tobacco can develop oral cancer. People with high cholesterol or high blood pressure and smoking tobacco have great chances of a heart attack.

Long-term smoking can cause lung cancer. People sick with lung cancer will develop a persistent cough, hoarseness, pneumonia, chest pain, fatigue, and swelling of the face.

Long-term smoking can cause lung cancer. People sick with lung cancer will develop a persistent cough, hoarseness, pneumonia, chest pain, fatigue, and swelling of the face. The cough is accompanied by blood. A lung cancer develops in the lungs but it can spread to other parts of the body.

Smoking tobacco can produce second-hand smoke and produces the same type of health problems. Cigars are more dangerous than cigarettes because they produce more smoke and have the tendency to burns longer.

How to stop smoking

Finding a way to smoke is easy as long as the individual will take into consideration the following measures.

  1. Prepare for the process of ending tobacco use and choose a date on the calendar when you begin the non-smoking program.
  2. Talk to a doctor about the plan of quitting smoking and if he/she has any suggestions. The doctor may help with the withdrawal symptoms such as prescribing Zyban which is a medication that will release dopamine in the brain that will make the person feel better. The doctor can help the person choose a medical aid like nicotine patch, nicotine nasal spray, nicotine inhaler or a nicotine gum. These can be used by the individual when he/she have intense nicotine cravings.
  3. Telling outside influences like family friends, members of the family, officemates and others that might encourage a person to start smoking again. Try avoiding parties since the people there might be smoking.
  4. Look for a support program that can help stop the use of tobacco along with other would-be quitters.

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