Lower back sprain from deadlift

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An improper technique of lifting places plenty of stress on the lower back and can cause a painful strain or sprain. Deadlift is lifting dead or without momentum weights such as weights lying on the ground and part of standard weight training exercises. Deadlifts can be performed using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells along with 1-2 hands and with 1-2 legs.

A strain in the lower back is caused by over stretching or tearing of the fibers of the muscles, and sprain happens when the ligaments which are bands of tissue that holds the vertebrae of the spine in place are torn from their attachment points, and these two injuries can cause a severe lower back pain, spasms of muscles and a decreased mobility and stiffness of the affected area.


  • Performing deadlift with the lower back rounded causes compression of the spinal disc from the front.
  • During deadlifts, the lower back hyperextends
  • Using the legs when performing deadlifts
    Lower back sprain
    Apply an ice pack over the affected area for at least 20 minute intervals every hour for the first three days.
  • Performing deadlifts with the bar against the legs
  • Improper lowering of the bar
  • Keep stretching the lower back after performing the deadlifts


  • Take plenty of rest especially the lower back.
  • Apply an ice pack over the affected area for at least 20 minute intervals every hour for the first three days. After three days, you can apply warm compress or warm moist towel for 20 minutes. Take note that the application of ice helps in making the area numb and provides relief from pain and inflammation
  • Perform cupping since it helps in minimizing spasms in the lumbar area and helps in the proper circulation of blood in the area and the waste products caused by the trauma are cleared out
  • Use a foam roller by slowly and carefully rolling back and forth over the areas that cause pain until the pain is minimized.
  • Take fish oil supplement every day since it helps to lessen the inflammation in the affected area.


Perform the proper techniques and procedure during deadlifting in order to help avoid spraining and straining the affected area of the back. The feet should be positioned directly over the center. When lifting the bar, the arms are vertical to the floor and the shoulder blades are directly over the bar.

With the back in straight position, start the lift by extending the legs. When the bar reaches the shins located below the knees, continue the lift by thrusting the hips forward to make the body in an upright position. Complete the lift by squeezing together the glutes then set down the weights by performing the steps in the reverse order. Glutes are one of the large skeletal muscles that form the buttocks.

Wearing long pants is recommended in order to help protect the legs from scrapes by performing deadlift. With any weight training exercises, perform proper stretching before lifting sets of deadlifts in order to help minimize the risk for injuries.

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