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Bone bruise

A bone bruise is a traumatic injury caused by a strong impact during sports, accidents or a direct hit. It has severe pain that last for months. A bone bruise makes daily activities difficult and there is bleeding inside a bone, damage to the bone marrow or the innermost layer of the bone. Symptoms Swelling of tissues around the bone ... Read More »

Swelling feet

Swelling feet is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying condition and usually it is an accumulation of fluids in the tissues that causes swelling also known as edema. This usually happens due to being overweight, aging of a person, standing for a long periods of time, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), deficiencies in nutrition, poor circulation of blood and ... Read More »

Stomach cramps with headaches

Stomach cramps are very painful and can be relieved by treating the underlying cause. It can be caused by problems of the digestive organs, aorta, appendix, kidneys and the spleen. Cramps are common in women during the menstrual cycle but by performing exercises, it can lessen the pain. Cramps with severe pain can be caused by gas passing through the ... Read More »

Nail fungus

Nail fungus is a condition that begins as a white or yellow spot found under the tip of the fingernail or toenail. When the fungal infection becomes severe, nail fungus will cause the nail to become discolored, thickened and crumble at the edge and can affect several nails but not all of them. Nail fungus is also called onchomycosis and ... Read More »

Trochanteric bursitis

Bursitis is inflammation of the small sacs of fluid or bursa that function in cushioning and lubricating the areas between the tendons and the bones. The trochanteric bursa is a large sac that separates the greater trochanter of the hip and the muscles and tendons found in the thighs and buttocks. Bursitis affects the bursa found around the hip and ... Read More »

Rotator cuff injury

The rotator cuff is comprised of a group of tendons and muscles that border the joint of the shoulder and keeps the arm bone tightly within the shallow socket of the shoulder. The rotator cuff has four muscles that helps in the movement of the shoulder and maintain stability of the joint. The four muscles are the subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus ... Read More »

Keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is a harmless condition of the skin which causes small and hard bumps that makes the skin feel like sandpaper. The bumps are usually light-colored and develop on the upper arms, thighs and buttocks and sometimes there is swelling and redness. Sometimes, they can develop on the face. Causes Keratosis pilaris can be caused by the accumulation of ... Read More »

Concussion headaches

Concussion is a type of traumatic injury on the brain, usually caused by blows or bumps to the head which affects the brain. It normally resolves itself in an hour or days, but sometimes the symptoms become severe and persistent. In a simple concussion, the person experiences the symptoms in a few hours or days and returns to normal within ... Read More »

Oral thrush

Oral thrush develops due to the overproduction of fungus known as Candida albicans which is form of yeast. It looks like white creamy spots that occur in the tongue, mouth and the cheeks. They are very painful and bleed when lightly scratched. Candida albicans is usually found in the mouth and can be controlled from spreading by healthy bacteria. Sometimes, ... Read More »

Insomnia in children

Insomnia is a sleep disturbance that affects children where they have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep during the night. Insomnia can be classified based on duration such as short or long-term as well as the frequency and severity of the problem. Short term insomnia happens for just a few days up to weeks and can be caused by factors ... Read More »

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