Treating The Symptoms Of A Concussion

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What Is A Concussion?

Concussion is a minor form of a distressing brain injury that affects the performance of your brain. The effects are generally short-term. They can consist of loss of consciousness or responsiveness, headache, and trouble with focus, memory, sense of balance and coordination.

What Are The Causes Of Concussion

Concussion is generally caused by a head wound such as a direct force to the skull or face, but it can also be caused from being shaken. A concussion usually occurs when playing sport, mainly contact sports such as rugby.

The Occurrence Of Concussions

Your brain is a squishy organ that hovers within your skull in a clear fluid called the cerebrospinal fluid, which protects it from bumps. Therefore, a direct blow to your head can damage this protection and knock your brain against the skull, resulting in brain injury. This can also happen with an unexpected increase in speed, as in a car accident or when your skull and body are traumatized.

Concussion is a minor form of a distressing brain injury that affects the performance of your brain.
Concussion is a minor form of a distressing brain injury that affects the performance of your brain.

This damage can affect brain function, generally for a short time. But it can also lead to bleeding on the brain (haemorrhage) or surrounding the brain (subdural haemorrhage). This bleeding can be lethal if not observed and treated quickly.

The Symptoms Of A Concussion

Many individuals regard loss of consciousness as the main symptom of concussions but a concussion usually occurs without this. Other types of concussion symptoms can include headaches, loss of memory, bewilderment, vomiting, and inaudible speech.

Treatment For A Concussion

Physical and psychological relaxation is the best way to recuperate from a concussion. An individual who becomes concussed while playing a sport should leave the sports ground right away and be monitored closely.

  • If a casualty with a concussion has recurring vomiting, an aching headache or has a seizure, is unresponsive, or their symptoms are getting worse, they must receive medical assistance right away.
  • Even if you think you do not require medical assistance, you should be overseen until the concussion symptoms disappear. Doctors suggest you relax, and don’t play sports for at least one day after the injury, and not consume alcohol for at least two days.
  • Doctors also suggest that you seek medical care during the first two days if you have sustained a head injury.

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