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Hives from bedbugs

Bedbugs and small insects with six legs that spend the day hiding and come out during night time to feed. The bugs inject an anesthetic in order to keep their victims from feeling anything and an anticoagulant in order to keep the blood flowing. Bedbugs cause small-sized hives that covers the area where they have bitten. Signs of bedbugs A ... Read More »

Hives in children

Hives are red and itchy bumps that develops on the skin which is usually caused by an allergic reaction to a drug or food. An allergic reaction that triggers the release of chemicals that makes the skin swells up in hives. It can also be caused by stress and infections. Sometimes, hive can also cause swelling of the airways which ... Read More »

What to Do In Case of Urticaria (Hives) Attack

Fractured sternum

Urticaria is more commonly known as hives. It is a condition affecting the skin and manifests as red bumps that are itchy with red rashes. In most cases, the condition may resolve quickly but it can become a major emergency case when it is accompanied by complications like a serious allergy attack. Urticaria is considered to be a common skin ... Read More »