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Getting Help For A Perforated Appendix

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A perforated appendix can become a dangerous health condition with the high risk of death when immediate treatment is not given. The large intestine has a thin tube or appendage located on the lower side of the abdomen called the appendix, which function of the body remains to baffle doctors and medical scientists on its accurate role in the body’s ... Read More »

Emergency Management for Broken Bones

broken bones

A broken bone, which is medically termed as fracture, is a break in the continuity of bone. It occurs when the bone can no longer absorb the stress it receives. Broken bones are usually characterized by extreme pain, deformity, loss of function, local swelling, discoloration, shortening of the extremity, and crepitus. Immediate and proper first aid management of fracture can ... Read More »

How to Manage A Foreign Body in the Ear

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It is a common scenario to find an object stuck inside the ear which happens often among children. A foreign body in the ear usually does not present a major problem and the object may be taken out safely, especially when it gets stuck along the outer portion of the ear. The problem usually takes place when the object is ... Read More »

First aid following shark attack

Sharks are born killers, and if you find yourself in their natural habitat, it becomes very important to know the techniques for first aid in the event of a shark attack. Sharks may attack with or without provocation, and the ideal thing is to know when to act. so, what is the first step that you take once you realize ... Read More »

Canker sore

canker sore

A canker sore is basically a mouth ulcer that is open and painful. It is the most common type of mouth ulcer that is usually present on the inside of the lip or cheek and usually white or yellowish in color and surrounded by inflamed soft tissue. The sore can be a simple canker or a complex canker. With a ... Read More »

Acute low back pain


Acute low back pain causes abrupt or short-term pain or discomfort in any area in the lower part of the back. The pain can be mild or severe and debilitating. Individuals suffering from the condition can last for several days or even weeks. This condition is common since the muscles in this area function as the main stabilizer and support ... Read More »