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Sore calf muscle IP is an IP address used by Netgear and D-Link routers to identify themselves on the network. could be entered into browser address bar to access router settings page. There you can change router default password, Wi-Fi settings, security settings of your network and many more. Also on the settings page you can monitor connection of your router ... Read More »

Broken collarbone

A broken collarbone is a common injury that usually occurs in children and young adults. The collarbone or clavicle attaches the upper part of the sternum or the breastbone to the shoulder blade. Injuries to the collarbone can be caused by sports injuries, a fall on the shoulder and vehicular accidents. In most cases, a broken collarbone heals with the ... Read More »

Burning tongue

Burning tongue is a painful condition which is also known as burning mouth syndrome (BMS), glossodynia or stomatodynia. This condition can affect people of all ages but menopausal women and middle-aged women are more susceptible to this condition. Burning tongue causes a painful feeling in the lips, mouth, along the gums and roof of the mouth and the tongue that ... Read More »

Swollen lips

A fat lip causes pain and can be embarrassing and can have cuts and bleeding. This can cause difficulty eating, drinking and talking when opening the mouth. The swelling usually happens due to a trauma to the soft tissue of the lips. Swollen lips can also be caused by exposure to severe weather conditions, deficiency in nutrition, dryness, dehydration, viral ... Read More »

Quadriceps strain

Quadriceps strain is also known as muscle pull which can be caused by overuse and overstretching of the quadriceps muscles. They are microscopic and incomplete tearing of the muscle with some bleeding into the tissue of the muscle which depends on the severity of the injury. This injury can range from a very small tear to a complete rupture. Quadriceps ... Read More »

Wet cough

A wet cough is a common symptom of allergies, respiratory infections and conditions that affect the heart. Wet cough is also known as productive cough due to the presence of mucus or other fluid found within the upper or lower respiratory tract. It can be caused by certain conditions that affect one or both lungs, the larynx, the bronchi or ... Read More »

Coughing after running

Running is an exercise in order to help an individual remain fit and healthy, improve heart and lung health, lessen mental stress. On the other, it can also cause coughing. There is a slight feeling of breathless and tiredness especially after running which is a normal phenomenon when the person is used to run on a regular basis. There are ... Read More »

Close look on carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is condition that is caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist which causes sharp pain that spreads from the wrist down the arm. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway that protects the main nerve of the hand as well as the tendons. When there is substantial pressure placed on the nerve, the compression of the ... Read More »

What you need to know about mastitis

Mastitis is an infection that develops in the tissue of the breast and causes symptoms such as warmth, pain, swelling and redness of the affected breast and sometimes there is chills and fever. This condition usually affects lactating women who breast feed their babies, but in rare cases it can also happen in non-lactating women. Mastitis develops in the first ... Read More »

A close look on hiccups

Hiccups are caused by temporary contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm which is a section of muscle tissue that expands and contracts in order to facilitate breathing. The diaphragm contracts to create suction and allows air into the lungs and when it expands, the air is pushed out from the lungs and causes the person to exhale. Regular contraction ... Read More »

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