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The Problem

The issue of earache is a very common condition that is experienced by many people when they are children. This condition can be quite painful and a little worrisome in young children, but usually is able to be resolved at home with simple remedies that are effective at clearing up any infections. If the problem persists though it is wise to see a doctor.

Methods for dealing with earache

The issue of earache is a very common condition that is experienced by many people when they are children.
The issue of earache is a very common condition that is experienced by many people when they are children.

The symptoms of an earache are usually pain in and around the region of the ear, possible nausea, vertigo, and even vomiting. An earache can also be associated with a sore throat and might be noticeable by any discharge that can be seen leaking out. There are several methods to deal with earaches, which include:


1) Over the counter painkillers.

Always follow the instructions and never overdose, as this could lead to complications. Allow a doctor to advise you on which painkillers will be most effective.

2) A heated compress.

Heat can help to relieve the pain but not much else. Comfort while enduring an earache however can go a long way towards making the individual feel better.

3) Ear drops or olive oil drops.

Some drops are specifically designed to eliminate waxy buildup that can cause ear blockage and subsequent pain. Using such drops for at least 2 to 3 days can help to relieve a significant amount of the pain.


What causes earache

Common causes of earaches are ear infections that can occur when foreign material enters the ear, or when wax buildup is left uncleaned. Quite often dirty ears can lead to very serious infections, which is why it is necessary to clean your ears at least once a day. Should you notice an abundance of ear wax blocking your ears it is advised that you visit a doctor, who will aid you in removal of the wax by using ear drops before flushing the ear with warm water. This technique is known as ear irrigation.

Infections usually cause swelling and a runny discharge to emerge from the ear. Such infections can usually be treated and will heal on their own after a few days, or weeks, with or without medication. If the condition worsens, however, a doctor can and usually will prescribe an antibiotic that will help clear up the infection quicker.

In the event that something is stuck in your child’s, or your ear, it is advised to not attempt to dislodge it on your own. This could likely cause further damage to your ear as the obstruction might be pushed further into the ear canal, or your attempts could inflict further trauma to your ear. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor if you find an obstruction of any kind stuck in your child’s ear, or your own.

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