proper first aid treatment

First Aid Training: Preparing Your Household For Emergencies

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[heading style=”1″]Standard First Aid Training teaches you how to be prepared by learning proper implementation of first aid and CPR.[/heading]
proper first aid treatment
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Most people consider their homes to be the safest place there is. However, contrary to what people might think, one’s home is actually no safer than anywhere else. An emergency situation can develop in one’s home when you are least expecting it. The most unexpected situations can develop at any moment. This is just the way things are, seeing as how we are all living in an unpredictable world. With all this possibilities, we therefore need to prepare ourselves in any circumstances that may take place in our lives such as when disasters come such as tornado or earthquakes, these are inevitable and could also hurt us or any of our family members.

[note color=”#2989c4″]Receiving First Aid Training[/note]

This article will discuss the basic emergency techniques and their correct procedures. The basic emergency life-saving skills were designed in a way that they are simple and easy enough to remember.

With proper guidance from qualified instructors, anyone will be able learn how to perform these procedures correctly. If one were to attend one of these emergency first aid classes, one will be ready to face life or death situations with relative ease. Proper first aid and CPR training are the things that will ultimately decide the outcome of dangerous emergency situations.

[note color=”#2989c4″]Basic Emergency First Aid Procedures[/note]

There are two basic techniques that all household members should be familiar with. Namely, these are the Heimlich maneuver and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). These two techniques are perhaps among the most useful emergency first aid techniques.They come in handy in a number of different situations, saving countless lives in the process.

Generally used to assist victims who are choking, the Heimlich maneuver is performed with the goal of removing the foreign object that is blocking the victim’s airway. Meanwhile, the CPR technique is usually performed on sudden cardiac arrest victims. It enables the victim to continue their breathing and ensures that the victim’s blood flow is continuous.

How To Use A First Aid Kit… What Your First Aid Course Didn’t Teach You: Free Safety Video

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Both of the techniques entail that the victim is attended to almost immediately. A swift response is what will ultimately save the victims in situations where CPR and the Heimlich maneuver are needed. Choking victims can lose consciousness and even die if one is not able to respond quickly. Conversely, victims of sudden cardiac arrest can sustain permanent brain damage or die due to oxygen starvation if CPR is not applied as quickly as possible.

  • The Heimlich Maneuver–When performing the Heimlich maneuver, the first thing you will need to do is wrap your arms around the victim from behind. Then you should proceed by making a fist with your hand which you will need to put directly below the victim’s rib cage. You will then take your free hand and wrap it around the fist. By then, you will need to do thrust upwards rapidly. Continue thrusts until the foreign object is ejected.
  • The CPR Procedure–CPR follows an easy-to-follow cycle. It consists of administering 30 chest compressions and 2 rescue breaths.

Of course, there are some important pointers that you need to remember when performing this procedure. You need to make sure that your breathing is normal, especially when you are giving rescue breaths to the victims. Contrary to widespread belief, there is actually no need not take deep breaths when performing rescue breaths. Another thing you will need to ensure is that you are able to deliver chest compressions at a rate no lower than 100 chest pumps per minute.

Emergency first aid training is one of the things every household member should have. Only by attending first aid classes can someone truly prepare for the unexpected. Look for standard first aid training locations near you now.

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