Crackling sound in the ear

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Crackling sound in the ear is not a normal condition and can indicate that there is something is wrong with the ears. This condition can cause irritation and pain to the affected individual. The sound usually manifests when opening the mouth such as yawning or while eating food. In most cases, the sound is somewhat the same when two pieces of paper are rubbed together. Along with the crackling sound, the individual can experience pain in the ears, difficulty in hearing and the individual might pointlessly shout out as if he/she is deaf.

Causes of crackling sound in the ear

Crackling sound in ears
Eustachian tube dysfunction can also be caused by allergic cold and cough.
  • The crackling noise in the ears can be caused by buildup of ear wax or becomes impacted and dry when it lies near the ear drum. In addition, crackling sound can also be caused by vibration of the ear drum.
  • A dysfunction of the Eustachian tube can also cause crackling sound in the ears. The Eustachian tube functions in connecting the middle ear to the back of the throat in order to maintain pressure outside and inside the ear. When there is imbalance of pressure, the tube will open and release the pressure that is inside the middle ear. This typically occurs when flying in a plane or diving under the sea.
  • Sometimes, the Eustachian tube stays sealed even when it has to be kept open which is a condition called as Eustachian malfunction. This condition occurs when the fluid found in the middle ear becomes dense and causes clogging the tube. The pressure in the ear becomes high and when opening the mouth or yawning or gulping a food it will cause a crackling sound in order to allow the pressure to drop. Eustachian tube dysfunction can also be caused by allergic cold and cough.
  • A temporo-mandibular joint disorder can also cause crackling sound in the ear. The spasms of muscles found inside the ear can also be considered as a cause of the clicking and cracking sound in the ear.

Treatment and home remedies of crackling sound in ears

  • Clean the ears on a regular basis in order to minimize the accumulation of wax within the ear passageway. Utilize ear buds in order to remove the wax or wash the ear using ear wash bulbs.
  • Open the mouth or stretch the jaw wide open in order to equalize the pressure in the ear with that of the environmental pressure.
  • Use the Valsalva maneuver which is a common procedure done by scuba divers. The person first squeezes the nostrils in order to prevent air from coming inside the nostrils, then the person takes a deep breath and releases it gently and keeping the nostril closed. Avoid using excessive force since it can damage the eardrum.
  • Apply a few drops of Mullein ear oil in order to relieve problems in the ear.
  • Inhale steam and gargle with warm salt water. These can help with cold and cough by promoting easy drainage of the accumulated mucus.

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