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Proper management of osteoarthritis

Hyperextended knee

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and occurs when the cartilage that is found at the ends of the bones wears down over time. Osteoarthritis can damage any joints in the body mostly the hands, knees, spine and the hips. It gradually worsens but staying active, maintaining a healthy weight can slow down the progression of the disease ... Read More »

Causes and treatment of non-allergic rhinitis

Non-allergic rhinitis is a set of symptoms that look like an allergy but happens without a known cause. Non-allergic rhinitis has symptoms like postnasal drip, sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose. It usually develops during adulthood and the symptoms last the whole year round. Non-allergic rhinitis does not involve the immune system. The symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis are somewhat the ... Read More »

Treating mitral valve prolapse with diet and natural remedies

Mitral valve prolapse or MVP happens when the valve found between the heart’s upper chamber which is the left atrium and the lower chamber which is the left ventricle does not close securely. When mitral valve prolapse occurs, the leaflets of the mitral valve will swell upward or back into the left atrium as the heart contracts, and sometimes it ... Read More »

How to treat limited scleroderma or Crest syndrome

Limited scleroderma or crest syndrome is a subtype of scleroderma which is a condition that causes hardening of the skin and skin changes only happen in the lower arms and legs and oftentimes, it can affect the face and the throat as well as the digestive tract. You can register for first aid training today if you want to learn ... Read More »

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