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How to Respond to Heat Emergencies


Heat emergencies are situations that occur when a person is exposed to the heat and the sun in extreme levels. When someone has exercised too much on a hot weather or trapped in a place with a high level of temperature, the risk to a heat stroke is high. Individuals who are overweight, alcohol drinkers, the elderly and children are ... Read More »

Emergency Management for Broken Bones

broken bones

A broken bone, which is medically termed as fracture, is a break in the continuity of bone. It occurs when the bone can no longer absorb the stress it receives. Broken bones are usually characterized by extreme pain, deformity, loss of function, local swelling, discoloration, shortening of the extremity, and crepitus. Immediate and proper first aid management of fracture can ... Read More »

How to Manage A Foreign Body in the Ear

Heat stroke remedies

It is a common scenario to find an object stuck inside the ear which happens often among children. A foreign body in the ear usually does not present a major problem and the object may be taken out safely, especially when it gets stuck along the outer portion of the ear. The problem usually takes place when the object is ... Read More »

Abdominal Pain Management – First Aid and Precautions

Abdominal pain

Almost everyone will experience having abdominal pain or more commonly known as a stomach pain at one time or another. However, since the stomach is only one of the several organs in an area of the body unprotected by bones or other hard tissue, it is best viewed as abdominal pain.  Such pain can be caused by simple gastrointestinal cramps ... Read More »

Tips For Dealing With Paranoia

Paranoia is a condition that is categorized into mental disorders. People dealing with paranoia are advised to create a clear line between reality and fantasy. You can also be able to help someone with this condition to manage it better. It’s imperative to behave in a compassionate manner so that the patients do not feel like they’re going crazy. Help ... Read More »

What Are The Different Types Of Skiing Injuries?

Patellar tendinitis

The most unnerving thing about skiing injuries is, perhaps, the speed at which skiers hurtle down the snow as well as the general unpredictability of the same. This poses extremely dangerous risks, so much so that it is important to know what some of the most common injuries encountered during skiing are. This knowledge will ensure that you are better ... Read More »

Proper Way to Deal With A Concussion


It is often common to hit the head on a hard surface accidentally and this can cause either a minor or major concussion. A concussion is a form of a brain injury that can alter the brain’s normal function. Unless it is a minor concussion, the condition may lead to headaches, difficulty in remembering and ability to concentrate. On certain ... Read More »

What to Do In Case of Urticaria (Hives) Attack

Fractured sternum

Urticaria is more commonly known as hives. It is a condition affecting the skin and manifests as red bumps that are itchy with red rashes. In most cases, the condition may resolve quickly but it can become a major emergency case when it is accompanied by complications like a serious allergy attack. Urticaria is considered to be a common skin ... Read More »

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