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How to prevent soccer injuries

Knee sprain

As a popular sport recognized all over the globe, soccer has been the favorite by many individuals today. Many people are playing the sport and it is not a surprise that the number of soccer injuries is on the rise. The common soccer injuries are the sprains and strains on the ankles and knees. Collisions among the players whether a ... Read More »

Runner’s knee

Torn calf muscle

It is a known fact that runners, jumpers and other athletes put substantial stress on the knees. Runner’s knee basically refers to certain medical conditions that cause pain around the front aspect of the knee. It includes conditions such as patellofemoral misalignment, knee pain syndrome and chrondomalacia patella. Causes of Runner’s knee As a complex structure, the knee is also ... Read More »

Using crutches and canes

pinched nerve in the ankle

Individuals who suffered from a break in the bone in the foot or leg, suffered from stroke or during the recovery phase after a surgical procedure, crutches and canes might be used for support. At the start, using these two assistive devices can be difficult but with practice, one can use these walking aids easily and safely. Considerations if a ... Read More »

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