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Emergency Care for Blast Injuries

Emergency Care for Blast Injuries

Blast injuries from terrorist bomb attacks can sometimes lead to unique and unusual patterns of injuries. These injuries are even classified differently from military-type wounds encountered by soldiers on the battlefield. Bombs, especially improvised explosive devices created by terrorist groups, often inflict simultaneous internal and external bodily damage which can cause morbid life-threatening multiple system injuries and possibly even death. ... Read More »

Helping Someone Suffering From A Seizure Attack

Seizure Attack

First aid for seizure is an essential skill to learn. A seizure can happen anytime, anywhere and you have to know how to deal with it right away. Seizures occur due to excessive, uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain. It causes sudden involuntary alterations in movement, consciousness or behavior. Usually, a seizure attack lasts for a two to three minutes. ... Read More »



Schizophrenia refers to a bunch of similar mental disorders that are associated with peoples’ inability to understand reality. Often, people with this mental illness have irrational thoughts and beliefs. They have a problem with social interaction and often exhibit unusual behavior without any logical explanation. The people going through this may even have hallucinations and other such symptoms that limit ... Read More »

How to Minimize the Pain During a Sprain


Kevin had been playing basketball ever since he could shoot baskets. He was one of the star players of his school’s basketball teams. He would almost never skip training because of his love for the game. He wanted to be just like his namesake and idol, Kevin Garnett. One day, after a day of sleepless night, Kevin went to training. ... Read More »

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